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Monday, January 19, 2009

HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY LARRY CLARK! Damn that motherfucker! LMAO! That lucky bastard!

Today is Larry's birthday!

Tiffany Limos Larry Clark

I talked to him and he is going to have a fun filled day.

Can't believe that bugger has had the life that he has led, most people only get to live a pinky of his life.

What can I say. Larry has alot of lovers, haters, admirers, and non-educated naysayers... above all people he's discovered, movements he's created, and legions of fans and concrete influence that span the last 40 years. (if you don't know what I am talking about, do your homework because I am not about to sit here and write a novel about this topic... Larry Clark's influence on music, film, photography, and art... all media.)

Shout outs to Julianna and Matt!

Always love in my heart for Larry.

As Harold Hunter said, "Yo dog, that man, that man, he luv you gurl! Dat Larry, he da shit!"

Here is the first clip of this little French made Documentary of Larry Clark, you can find the rest on or I will post the rest later when I have time.

I am still resting and writing.


My favorite image from the classic TULSA book!
(that's inspired many artists over the last 40 years)
Tulsa Larry Clark Tiffany Limos