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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tiffany Limos on Hiatus.

Dear Fans and Friends,

I have to go on a much needed hiatus.
I have alot of work ahead of me and I am elated!
So you won't be hearing from me for a while.
I have to take care of business.
When I return, it will be well worth it for all.

I watched Ma Mere, The Grocer's son, The Piano Teacher, The Voyage, and Born into Brothels today. Yes, I watch movies back to back and I can watch a record breaking ten movies back to back. I just love it. (the only person who can battle me by watching more films is QT!) I also checked out a few great Marlon and Tarita Brando links. Superb!

I am a huge fan of the actor Nicolas Cazale. I am also a great fan of the actress Isabelle Huppert. That's why I decided to watch these films today. I had also been meaning to watch Born into Brothels and I cried watching it. It reminded me of the kids in the Philippines, Thailand, and Algeria. Its a must SEE! If you have netflix you can watch it on your computer. I highly recommend it. 4 STARS.

I will leave you with something I found on the internet. While I'm focusing, you should be focusing too.



How to Focus on FAITH.

Focusing on faith can be an extremely difficult thing to do. In today’s world people are obsessed with amassing as many material possessions as they can while they are alive, then they do not have much time for spiritual activities such as focusing on one’s faith.

One way of focusing on faith would be to believe in the teachings of your faith. Thus, it will be important to read on the teachings of your particular faith. If you are a Christian, it would be urgent that you would be familiar with the Holy Bible. If you are a Muslim, then reading the Koran is what should occupy a fair part of your spare time. For Buddhists, reading the Tripitaka or any other important article will help you keep in mind the principles on which one’s faith was founded. Of course reading here does not merely mean plain reading of the text, but involves concentration and understanding. Ultimately, it will involve applying what the teachings require you to do.

Another way to focus on faith would be to attend church or faith services as often as possible. Sometimes you can simply attend an interfaith or a prayer meeting during a lunch break at the office or during a quiet afternoon in the home of a friend. Going to such prayer meetings not only strengthens bonds among the attendees, but also strengthens your faith in their beliefs. Attending church or other faith services also helps you participate in a communal activity for groups of people with the same faith. If a certain group of people have the same objectives with respect to their faith community, then it will be these people’s faith that can drive them to achieve all their goals.

You could also set aside time for meditation and reflection. Some quiet time without any distractions allows you to concentrate on what you are thinking. Also, the removal of any distractions also lets you think about the greater issues in your life – of your role in the community and ultimately, in this world. You are also able to think about your own mission in life, and to model it after someone who he believes in.

Lastly, it is important to act out your faith. This is not to say that you ought to act ala Joan of Arc and begin to battle with those who do not believe in God, but rather to apply the teachings of your faith in the little things that you do in your everyday lives. If God taught you to love one another, perhaps then it is about time that you avoid passing judgment on people immediately. If God taught you to be generous, then you should give more to people in need. If you do not have the material resources, then volunteering your time in a shelter or in a government day care center is certainly equal to ‘acting out the part.’ It will never be difficult to focus on faith as long as your mind is clear of any distractions and as long as you are willing to be focused on it.