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Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 17, 2010 Terrence Koh and Robert Knoke at The New Museum

Maya Contreras, Claudia Wu, Justin Min, Karl Cyprien, and I decided to head down to support friend Terrence Koh at The New Museum! I also wanted to say hello to The Misshapes! I saw my friend Kaya and too many New Yorkers to list here.

Here is a pic of RobeTerrence Koh,Robert Knokert and Terrence!

We went to Von's afterwards. Here's a sweet little pic of Claudia Wu, Karl Cyprien, Justin Min, and me! UT represent! Day 3 of feeling under the weather. I have to say, I'm feeling better.
Claudia Wu,Claudia Wu,Karl Cyprien,Karl Cyprien,Tiffany Limos,Tiffany Limos,Justin Min,Justin Min

September 16, 2010 Manuel Ocampo Art Opening

Director Noel Shaw called me to tell me that Filipino bad boy was in town premiering his new art show. Kevin Leong, Claudia Wu, and I headed out to the event. It was interesting. Day 2 of feeling under the weather.

Tiffany Limos,Manuel Ocampo,Kevin Leong

Kevin Leong with his issue of The DDD Magazine!

Kevin Leong