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Friday, September 17, 2010

Hosted by Bruce Weber... DEDON Celebrates New York at NOUVEL CHELSEA September 15, 2010

Hosted by Bruce Weber
DEDON Celebrates New York at NOUVEL CHELSEA
September 15, 2010

Bruce Weber

Tiffany Limos

I'd been feeling the pressure of the DDD magazine launch, that the next day I got really sick. Patrick McMullan told me he was stopping by the Bruce Weber hosted party and of course, I had to see BRUCE! Feeling under the weather and not really wanting to be seen, I went without makeup and with my hair down. I threw on a Zac Posen dress and Serpico coat, hoping that it would be good enough. I headed out on the town with Claudia Wu in tow, along with Melissa Serpico. Thank goodness the only place I was photographed was at the Dedon/Bruce Weber event. Right after we hit Le Bain for Jeremy Scott's afterparty... it was a blast. Melissa had to head home to catch a flight the next day. Claudia and I tried to catch the Last Magazine's party but it was over capacity. I drank one last beer at Ara and had to head home. I was feeling under the weather. Day 1 of feeling under the weather.

What a week its been for me in New York!