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"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it." - Mark Twain

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gael Morel

I am one of Gael Morel's biggest fans.
He emailed me a few days ago and complimented me.
I've been speechless ever since.

This is my favorite movie that he has made.
Its called LE CLAN.

Tiffany Limos

How long does it take you to complete a project?

Kanye West PRIDE (In the name of LOVE)

For Kanye its 3 weeks.


For Beyonce its 2 weeks.

Nikki Reed

For Nikki Reed its 6 days.

Stephen King talks about various authors taking from 2 days to ten years to finish a novel.

For me, I have too many projects piled up. I need to have just one or two and complete them fully one at a time. If I can't do the project justice and do my best work, than I should turn it down. One of my terrible habits is not being able to say no but this year will be different and it will be apparent. I have seen how much I have grown over the years. Thank goodness. I don't want to talk too much about this subject of projects. You will just have to wait and see.

Be Patient
Do the Work...
And as my friend Claudia says, "Baby steps."


My friend Aleta; Everything is divinely guided.

I haven't been speaking to many people at all because I have been down in the trenches working. But I spoke to someone that I hadn't spoken to in awhile.

My friend Aleta. She just reminded me that everything happens for a reason. To not force anything and that everything has to be on the same wave length.

I had a situation recently that made me think twice about my interactions with people. But I learned alot thinking about it. I learned to be more considerate (of this person's feelings) and I also learned to be more generous (with time apart and my precious time). This past situation also reminded me of a situation in 2005 that I went through. And in that situation things weren't going my way and I tried to force them to go my way and things just weren't working out. And when I resisted it I got slammed in the face pretty hard. I don't know why I hadn't understood this before but even when you fail and when things don't go your way you may not realize all of the valuable lessons that were in that situation. So with this situation I am in now, I realize that its a blessing and I accept it. There is obviously something better for me down the road. I am excited to see what that will be all about.

I am grateful for everyone that I have come across in my life. Good or bad.

I won't resist anymore.

Alright I am tired, my speech is slurred.


These paragraphs below were from a spiritual site, I don't know who but I found it interesting, maybe you will too?:

Every time we focus on something we are calling it towards us. With our thoughts and beliefs, we invite people, situations and material things into our life. Often we can use our energy in resistance. Many invoke this law without being aware of doing it.

Your conscious mind can discriminate between a negative and a positive instruction but your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference. The following words invokes this law: don't, can't, wont or not. You become what you resist.

Whatever you resist persists in your life and uses up your energy in struggle. Never resist failure or poverty. Instead attract success and wealth. Always embrace the positive rather than resist the negative. Releasing control frees energy.

One positive way of transforming negative thoughts is to write them down and then burn the piece of paper.

Then write down what you do want so as to attract that into your life instead. If you are in conflict you stay stuck.

If someone is blaming another for what is happening in his own life, he is a victim who is resisting taking responsibility for what he has created. Anything that you are resisting has a message for you. If you have recurring patterns of failure constantly picture yourself succeeding. Quit resisting. Decide what you do want in life and start to send out magnetic, excited, Enthusiastic energies to draw the positive to you. What you resist persists in your life and drains you of energy. Embrace what you do want and feel alive.

Law of Attraction

You have drawn towards you everything and everyone who is in your life. You send out into the ether the story of your patterns, emotional energy, mindsets, and denials, likes and dislikes. People who do not resonate on our frequency simple are not attracted to us. The vibration you emit is made up of your conscious and unconscious energy, some magnetic, some repellent and some neutral. Like attracts like Qualities such as love, kindness, delight or generosity transmit a high frequency and magnetize people with similar energy. The universe provides mirrors for us to look into. Our underlying beliefs attract people and situations to us. If you think negative thoughts you attract negative people and situations to you. Whenever something is not materializing, as you would like it, examine your underlying feelings and change them. The inner attracts the outer. If something in your outer world is not what you want it to be, look inside and shift how you feel about Yourself. You will automatically attract different people and experiences to you. Remind yourself of your good qualities. Send out positive light and wait for a miracle to be drawn towards you. You are a magnet: you attract like to you.

The Law of Request

Under spiritual law, if you want help, you must ask for it. It is better to help another only when they ask you for help.

If you feel you want to help someone else without their permission then you need to look at the part within yourself that feels the need to rescue them. A being of Light never interferes with your life. But they will save you from an accident or death if it is not your karma. They will also see you make mistakes so you can learn and grow. There are times when you may wish to ask for help. This is done calmly and with strength. As soon as you are ready to ask for help you are ready to receive it.

You are ready to accept the wisdom that goes with it. Then the higher powers will align themselves to help you.

The person who is steadfastly walking the spiritual path goes within to look for answers. As soon as you are ready to know something the teacher will appear to provide it. When you are ready to formulate the question, you are ready to receive the answer. When you need help first quiet and centre yourself. Meditate on what you really want and find clarity about it.
Then request help to your spiritual helpers. The answer lies in the question. The more clarity you have in your question, the fuller the help you will receive. They will always help you. The universe is waiting to help you. All you have to do is ask.

As Within so Without

Earth is a place of learning where our lessons are presented to us by making our outside world an exact reflection of our inner world. If you feel secure, loved, safe and happy inside you will have secure, safe and happy people in your life. If you feel angry, self-critical or feel rejected deep inside, you will have people who get angry at you, or put you down or who abandon you. The universe rearranges itself to reflect your reality. Literally as within so without.

Your body is a mirror of your deep, often unconscious, inner feelings. The left side of our body reflects our attitude to women and the past. The right side reflects our attitude to men and the future. The words we choose to use also reflect the condition of our bodies. So if you have a 'pain in the neck', who is being a 'pain in the neck' in your life. If you say or think it enough times, you will get a 'pain in the neck'. The kind of car we own is a deep inner reflection of who we are. Like wise, our home and our pets reflect our inner qualities. The higher beings who watch over us cause the material objects in our life to alter according to our inner state. So if we want to change something in our lives then we need to alter our beliefs and attitudes in order for our outer world to change. The universe rearranges itself to bring you what you believe.

As Above so Below

This is the first Law of the Universe. On Earth as it is in heaven. The Universe loves you and holds a vision of your future as an enlightened person no matter what mistakes you are making on Earth. God does not judge you, only encourages. You have free will to make your own choices in life. God will not force you to do his will. he Universe waits without judgment as we experience and learn. When we are ready it opens new doors. God wants us to be happy, fulfilled, prosperous and healthy.