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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tiffany Limos by Matt Black 1/17/2004

Wow, I had never seen some of these pics before. Why is that cigarette in my hand? I was 23 years old here. I can't believe I'm wearing that pink button down! Everyone knows I dislike the color pink. Ah, those days, I remember LA at that time. Living there was fun and easy. Beautiful picture by Photographer Matt Black

Tiffany Limos 2004

R.I.P. Brad Renfro... WOW! Look at the two of us! I don't know where that car came from.

Tiffany Limos 2004,Brad Renfro

Andre 3000 - that year was hectic for him because that was the "Hey Ya" year, right before the Grammy's. This was photographed in Queen's house where our friend Sean Lennon was staying for a bit. (Andre and Gipp thanks to Fonzworth Bentley leaving the Beverly Center to come down and bring some flava per my phone call... thanks and shout out to Fonzworth Bentley! And go buy his book if you haven't already...Advance Your Swagger)

Andre 3000 and Tiffany Limos 2004

Bijou Phillips and Lucas Haas were also there... and Fonzworth Bentley... and Gipp....


Thank the Lord I haven't aged. Everyone thinks I look the same and some even think I look better than when I was 23 years old. Oil of Olay is a proven fountain of youth! YES! Maybe its my genes. Whatever it is, I'm grateful.