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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brook Lynne Carter

I made friends with someone so cooooollll! Check her blog out.

Absolute Brook

Her name is Brook Lynne. Well, that's what she goes by and she's a fellow writer. She lives in Atlanta and is from the Bay. Some of you know that I went to school in Daly City in 1994 and hung out with all the Skateboarders at EMB back in the day. I know alot of hotspots in the Bay area. I also know alot of hotspots in Atlanta! HA!

I haven't been writing on the blog much because I've been traveling and writing. I was in Los Angeles and Austin. I will blog more about what I thought about the Oscars and Austin in later blogs.

For now, check out some of Brook Lynne's videos!

Brook Lynne

Follow her on her blog and send her some Gallo HARD Salami! HA!!!!!!! (Go hard!)