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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jean Grae video from my homie Karl Cyprien

This is my cousin Jean that I always blog about. I am her number one fan.

BlacksmithTV Episode 6: Grae Goose Pt. 1 from Blacksmith Music on Vimeo.

The Godfather in Limosworld

I am very tired. I decided to watch the Trilogy of The Godfather all in one sitting but than I realized I would be sitting for a good 7 hours! I loved the first one... but they are all different and I have to say that Sofia's performance in the 3rd installment wasn't as bad as the press made it seem.

Other than that things have been very busy for me. My schedule is booked up until 2011. That is a scary thought. I can sit here and recite what I have to do for every month for the next two years. BUT things keep changing last minute though I don't stray too far from my journey.

Cannes or Not to Cannes?
That is the question.

For the past couple of weeks I have been driving my friends crazy about attending the festival this year. I am so busy with work that I will miss the opening film. I will also miss Michel Gondry's documentary screening on the 15th. Its about his Aunt and he said that I am in it for a little bit... MAN. But I am not here to party or socialize.

If I do go I will probably go towards the end of the festival. But it sucks because one group of friends will be there the first week and a second group will be there the second week. I also wish to be there the whole time but I think I will get bored and feel guilty that I am not working. I have too many things to wrap up and its not a good feeling when things aren't completed. I am supposed to have tons of meetings there and meet up for sure with the Filipino council. There is just too much on my plate.

Anyways, I sold the BMW to a friend of mine which was a weird coincidence. So I am not going to sell the other car.

I haven't opened up an account yet because I am too overwhelmed and my family is too busy with eBay (photographying, editing, writing, and etc.) to open an account for me.

BUT they are putting items on eBay still.

Here is the link BELOW:

Tiffany Limos eBay seller page, I.D. Limosworld

Ebay seller i.d. Limosworld

I think they will put items up every 3 days. It takes a while! Photographing the items, editing the photos, writing the descriptions, answering the questions of inquiring customers, waiting for payment, wrapping the item, and than shipping it off. Its alot of work and there is a little factory of a family working on it, I am blessed.

There are some new items up now. I think there are 9 new items online. Starting with shoes first than clothes and jewelry are next. Its just too much to put online.

Its crazy... I am on a working binge, than I am on a shopping binge, and I think I just need to close my eyes and rest for a moment. I just need to relax.

Oh, one of my friends just had a baby a few days ago! Congrats to Salim K├ęchiouche and his new baby girl.

I am really tired and I need to get some rest.

Be happy.