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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Do It!


I found this nifty article on the net and I thought I would share it.

And right now I want to introduce to you the video that has been on my mind!

I experienced this in person and I just can't stop laughing. That ole Juvenile song BACK THAT ASS UP... was the song that put CASH MONEY on the map. And ya'll know I am from Texas... I remember when this song was blaring from EVERYONE'S speakers!!!! so WAM WAM WAM WAM WAM.

What else is going on?
I spent the whole day organizing my year schedule for 2009 and its still not done!
Catching up.

Fun filled day.
Thank goodness its over.

Counting down the days...

My last days as a 28 year old!

What was my year like? GREAT!

Claudia and I went to the Coffee Shop for my birthday dinner and I just ended up texting Andre during the whole dinner. Then we ended up going to The Grammercy Hotel to hang with him and Damon Dash shows up with Margarita Missioni, Irina, Erin (I forget her lastname), just all these people...

February was a blur last year, just fashion week and wait, Claudia and I spent a great deal of 2008 working on Me Magazine. I didn't leave New York until APRIL! That's insane. Then I went back home to chill with my Texas homies and then headed to Asia.

By this time Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger have passed away.

Work-wise, Winter/Spring Larry and I worked together.
During the summer, still working. Writing is so tedious! The real test of patience.

While I was in Texas I hung out with the homies Play-n-Skillz. I went to my first Lil Wayne concert and died. Everyone knows I am one of Lil Wayne's biggest fans! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, Skillz played that song, GOT MONEY, for me before it was mastered and he was like just remember you heard it here first. And when that song got on the album I was like HOLY SHIT ... NAH, BEFORE IT WAS ON THE ALBUM THE SONG WAS ON FIRE... BUT YA'LL KNOW SKILLZ IS THE MAN. He is the mastermind behind alot of those beats, for all of you who know about music and Southern hiphop! I also hung out with Boog and Pilar, two of my bestest friends in the whole wide world!

Spike Lee invited me to the premiere of his film, Miracle at St. Anna, and I went to it in Los Angeles. TeodorĂ­n Nguema Obiang was there with me. I ended up hanging out with my friend Asa and never left her crib in Venice! We ended up making alot of cool art together and I spent all my time on the WEST coast. I hung out with DOC and Nu Jerzey Devil... and tons of others I hadn't seen like my good friend Dion Watkins.

I voted in Los Angeles.
I celebrated Halloween in Los Angeles.
I celebrated the Election in Los Angeles.
And I met Yacine who was pretty cool.
Oh yeah! I saw all my French homies in Los Angeles that night as well. Ed Bangers.

Than I was back in Dallas to see a DJ Z-Trip show at The House of Blues with my friend Matthew Giese, he owns Suite Club in Dallas. I don't know what else I did, Oh Yeah... hit up DG's!!! LMAO!

Right now, Winter, I am embarking on the final 2 drafts! This will take time. I just got off the phone with Claudia and she said that she couldn't do that, she would go crazy. Its pretty crazy to do rewrites and spend your days working on a subject you have been writing about for the last 7 years. Well its almost done. The hard work will be all worth it.

Well here is the countdown of my final days being 28!!!!!!!!!!

Quark Henares, Tiffany Limos 2008

Quark Henares and I at Katz Deli in New York, April 2008.