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Friday, January 23, 2009

Cirio H. Santiago Tribute (R.I.P.) Serge Gainsbourg Tribute

One of my childhood heroes was Cirio H. Santiago and I was blessed enough to meet him in 2007. I remember sitting infront of the television when I was a toddler and watching all his terrific B movies. I can't take all the credit, my father was his ultimate fan. (Thanks dad.)

Tonight in Los Angeles at the New Beverly, they are doing a tribute to Cirio H. Santiago. Quentin Tarantino lent them some of his priceless prints and they are screening them tonight. I will have to contact Brian at the theater to find out which films but if I am not mistaken, they will be showing THE MUTHERS and EBONY, IVORY, AND JADE. (Just tried to call the theater, he is not answering) I just figured that they'd be showing those two films because those are mine and QT's favorite Santiago flicks! (AND he owns the only prints available on the planet EARTH, AND I've seen these films at his personal theater with him at his home, in AUSTIN, TEXAS during the QT FILM FEST, and in the Philippines WITH Cirio H. Santiago present!!!!!) *** update! Brian just called me back and he said that the tribute will be moved to February 10th. Alot of special guests will be there and I will update you on that. AND they are going to show THE MUTHERS AND EBONY, IVORY, AND JADE... TOLD YOU SO! (wink) **** so stay tuned for the updates, thanks.

ALL HAIL THE PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (only true b movie heads would get this and true cinema connoisseurs of international films. ie. tarantino and Gilles JACOB (The President of the Cannes Film Festival, whom by the way knows all of the classic and b films of the philippines! He was Lino Brocka's biggest fan.)

Speaking of Cirio H. Santiago, Vincent Sandoval contacted me about doing a tribute in June. Not sure if that will happen because I am too busy this year with prior commitments. But if it does, I will be helping to bring Eddie Romero and Quentin Tarantino to New York. We'll see... Cannes is in May and I know Quentin is bringing his film there and if he's doing press after that, I highly doubt there will be a little festival in New York. But Q and I do plan to do a tribute in the Philippines, not sure when though. I will keep you posted.

Today I feel great for some reason. The new year started off okay and this little cold (which I think had been lingering) crept up on me! Than it just took me over completely! I was in a state where I just didn't want to talk to anyone or be around anyone. I just dabbled on this blog, read Angela's Ashes, and worked on this project that Larry and I have been crafting. (for forever!) I read some of Diablo Cody's blogs and they made me laugh. She wrote one about the Sham-wow towels and it was genius. (I also read her book Candy Girl and that had me rolling on the floor too.)

Today feels like the greatest day in my life. I have finally been able to catch up with writing and that makes me feel like the wealthiest woman in the world. Claudia and I are working on Me Magazine and that is all caught up with. Thank goodness. I still have more to do but I am taking it one day at a time. Yesterday was a little stressful because I was plotting my year. The end of January to June is a hectic time for me every year. Birthday, Valentine's Day, Grammys, NY fashion week, Paris fashion week, SXSW, Cannes.

OH, my cousin Jean Grae is performing at The New Museum! Go and check it out. I was supposed to be in New York throwing her an after party at The Submercer but my plans changed.


Voila, Serge Gainsbourg. One of my favorites in the world. I am definitely going to this tribute. See you there! Who does not love him? If you don't know who he is than you must have been living under a large rock or don't have a penchant for anything French. Because if you did, you'd know who he was. Get it together!

This is bringing back memories. Man, its been since 2005.... I remember when I was in Paris and Michel Gondry and I were working on THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP. I was watching Gael Garcia Bernal in that little suit and admiring the details of the sets. I remember when Michel was casting the film and he mentioned Charlotte Gainsbourg and I thought, perfect! She was just perfect. That made me dust off every Gainsbourg item I had. Records, cd's dvd's, books, posters, you name it.

I can't wait to be back in France, eventhough I am there all of the time. I can't wait to see this tribute. Awe, makes me want to day dream.


Gotta go, gotta write.


Ps. One of my friends just posted something new on his blog, he is going to be performing at the Serge Gainsbourg tribute as well. Check it out!


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