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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday(s)! & R.I.P. Aaliyah

I haven't been feeling well since the New Year and I have been taking it easy. I am hidden in an undisclosed location far away from everyone and everything. I think I am getting the itch to come back but I just had to go away for a while for my sanity. Doing rewrites and a hell of alot of reading takes so much energy and time that it has literally drained me.

So in the process I forgot it was Karl Cyprien's Birthday on the 16th. I was too weak to blog about it yesterday, so a belated wishing is better than no wishing at all I believe. Happy Birthday Karl and I hope that you had a great one.

It was also Just Blaze's Birthday. Shout outs to him! Just Blaze!

I wondered what he did for his birthday? He always and usually does something fun. I am sure I will hear about it soon.

Also, Nu Jerzey Devil's birthday passed (10th) and he celebrated it in Miami. I didn't go of course because I am on my little retreat.

There are several more birthdays coming up, including mine on the 31st, and if I feel better, maybe I will get to come out and party!

Oh, for fans and friends of Aaliyah, the 16th was also her birthday. She would have turned 30 years old this year. May her soul rest in peace. I haven't seen her family in a while, I think her brother moved to Australia. I hope they are well.