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Friday, February 6, 2009

Grammy Family

This week in Dallas, Texas Play-n-Skillz threw one of the best parties of all time. I wasn't there but I know how they get down. Plus my friends told me it was great. MTV wrote about it and I am very happy for them. They are nominated for 3 Grammies this year. They have worked so hard and I know they are going to bring one home for the Big-D.

Tonight Andre Saraiva and Justice are doing a show in Los Angeles for Belvedere. I am sure that will be fun.

What else???

I have some rewrites to do so I will be working on that.

I am excited to see what the outcome of this year's Grammy's are!?!?!?! I finally feel like my generation is up for alot of the awards this year! I am putting all my money on Lil'Wayne of course. I also have to say I loved Kanye West's song Heartless. I hope that song wins something. You just know Los Angeles is going to be raging with parties. Its only fun when you have invites and friends there. Otherwise, you aren't missing much.

Ohhhh, Valentine's Day is coming up!
Cupid better aim his arrow straight for me!

More later,