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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get to know me... and I LOVE Eva Green.

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Favorite new actresses?Eva Green (hands down)
Favorite old actresses?Anna Karina
Favorite new actors?Salim Kechiouche
Favorite old actors?Marlon Brando
Who do you resemble?Bruce Weber says Tarita Brando
What is your favorite film?My Secret
Have you met any new actors?Salim Kechiouche
Who was the last person you partied with?Andre Saraiva
What do you think about America?Too Puritanical
Whose style do you like the most?Individual Style
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What languages do you speak?English, Spanish, French, Tagalog
What instruments do you play?Piano, Flute, Harp
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What do you believe in?God, Prayer, & Forgiveness
Do you believe in sin?Yes
Do you believe in fate?Yes
Do you have kids?No
What cities were you in this month?Dallas, New York, Paris, Austin
Who is annoying?People who feel they are entitled
What is annoying?Americans and their outlook, Studios in Hollywood - they make everything less creative
What do you love most of all besides your family?Cinema
What is your sister like?Loving
What is your mother like?Angel
What is your dad like?Funny
Where are you now?In my own house
How do you feel?Extremely Happy
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How long is your hair?To the bottom of my back - Polynesian style
You are on hiatus, right?YES
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What is going on for you in the future?Many great projects!
Who stalks you?Someone's mother! She knows who she is. There are also strange people who dislike me AND stalk me but I love that. HA!
Did you ever beat anyone up?Yes
Do you dislike some people?YES
Who are some friends you havenVictoria Clay, Tatiana Von Furstenberg, Liv Tyler, Jon Brion, Fiona Apple, Devon Mata, Devon Aoki, and I want to see my cousins!
Have you ever been to Italy?Yes, with Yoko Ono and Martin Scorsese
What was that like?GREAT and FUN!
What were you doing there?Venice Film Festival and La Biennale di Venezia
Are you sleepy?Very sleepy, thanks.
What will you dream of?Whatever I dream of comes true!
Will you pray?Of course. Whatever I pray for comes true too! I am blessed.

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I really adore Eva Green. She is my favorite actress right now. Here is a snippet of why I adore her. Look her up if you don't know who she is.

In addition to her acting career, Green has modeled for Breil, Emporio Armani, LancĂ´me, Heineken, and Christian Dior SA's "Midnight Poison" perfume, in an advert directed by Wong Kar-wai. She followed in her mother's footsteps by supporting Unicef. She has also expressed interest in returning to the theatre, and has no plans to go to work in Hollywood because, "The problem with Hollywood is that the studios are super powerful, they have far more power than the directors. My ambition at this moment is just to find a good script." She added she would probably just get typecast as a femme fetale there.

No one is more humble and intelligent as Eva. She is a goddess with killer looks

What I love about Eva so much is that she understands what its like to just want to work with great people whether its in front of the camera or behind. She isn't like the American actresses I know. Don't get me wrong, I have many American actress friends but there is a huge difference between the way the American actresses are trained to work than the European and Asian actresses. The Asian and European actresses get to work with directors who are extremely creative because unlike America, they do not have studios sucking all the creativity out of the process. If you are in the business you know what I am talking about. There is nothing wrong with working with the studios and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to work with the studios. I prefer to make movies that have a strong script and I prefer to make movies in a country where nudity isn't the topic of conversation. Eva is right, America has violence on the streets and on screen but they are so afraid of sex! I am not going to call out directors I know but most of them in America shy away from nudity but will not think twice about using violence. There is nothing wrong with sex or the naked body. We see our naked body everyday. There is nothing wrong with sex. Unless you are in the church or a total prude, you've had sex with yourself or with someone else so its not that big of a deal. And I hate it when American actresses have to defend themselves or talk about why they did a nude scene. WHO CARES! There was a certain actress I saw the other on tv and she was explaining that her scenes were not gratuitous. I started to laugh so hard. Since when has being naked been gratuitous???!!! Only in America they would make you feel that being naked or having sex is gratuitous! That is absurd and ridiculous! I wished those actresses would shut up sometimes and just listen to what they are saying!

I always felt that Eva was the only peer who understood where I was coming from. Well Liv Tyler understood me very well AND she also worked with Bertolucci. I love being in Asia and Europe because they understand me quite well. That is where my destiny lies.

"Eva is so beautiful, it's indecent" - Bertolucci