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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tiffany Limos Cannes

Jesus Christ! I am in London right now for the day than I am headed back!

I just came from Cannes and I was staying at the Martinez Hotel because of my friend Gregory Bernard. It was an amazing experience!

I went to Pedro Almodovar's premiere with Paulo Branco.

Than the next day I went to Quentin Tarantino's premiere! Uh... I have been places with Quentin but this has to take the cake. Quentin Tarantino plus Brangelina equals utter mayhem. There were thousands of people lining the streets, top security, and every star you can imagine globally attending his screening. Quentin danced on the red carpet, he was hyped. I can't put into words what his premiere was like, it was just unbelieveable.

I enjoyed the beach and the parties.
I even went on a boat. But I am really not the partying type unless I am with my childhood or old school friends.

I did see Paul Sevigny and he was a sight for sore eyes! I missed that dude!
We laughed and hugged and just had a merry ole time at Andre Saraiva's 314 Le Baron club at Cannes.

Oh before the screenings I was walking around the Carlton Hotel and I ran into Quentin and Pedro having a chat. I was there to meet Quentin and we hadn't chatted in a while so it was soooo much fun!

The Filipinos were in town and they stormed Cannes with four films, I think one was a short film. Many congrats to them.

It was Olivier Pere's last year at the Fort Night so he was probably the main reason why I went to Cannes despite all the glitz and glamour surrounding me.

Oh, I walked into the Martinez Hotel yesterday and Zoe Saldana was standing there and she is an old friend of mine and she was so shocked to see me there. We didn't have time to talk about Star Trek!!! because she was being rushed off and I was there to meet a producer.

I also saw just tons of people... tons of friends... it was so much fun.

The only thing that I didn't like was that I lost my camera with some precious photos inside. Other than that, I guess it was meant to be because that was the least of my problems.

I just thanked God and I thank God for being alive and giving me those experiences.

I don't know what else to say, I have not been on the computer for a bit.

How was your week?

I am about to have some English tea!

Tiffany Limos