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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Los Angeles with Vincent Gallo... Coppola's TETRO & Spike Lee's admiration for the LAKERS

Hey all,

I landed in Los Angeles yesterday and hit the ground running. As soon as I got off of the plane I went to the Tetro Premiere in Los Angeles. Thanks to Vincent Gallo... and he's starring in the new film! It was good to see Andrew Durham, Melodie McDaniel, Sofia and Roman Coppola, and the usual suspects. A$A came with me. The movie was great and the little reception was alot of fun. Tetro premiered at Cannes in the Fort Night section. I was in Cannes during the second week so I missed the premiere there but this premiere wasn't sooooo bad. It was probably better since my "Los Angeles" friends were there and I hadn't seen them in years. GREAT TO SEE VINCENT too.

Tomorrow I am going to the editing room.

Saturday I will be on another writing sabbatical.

I am too busy.