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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tiffany Limos and Quentin Tarantino

After the Cannes film festival I went back to visit in Texas. (And I did go to the premiere of Inglorious Basterds there. If you read below at my other blog entries you'll find the CANNES blog.) Then I went to Los Angeles to visit with Vincent Gallo and Francis Ford Coppola for the premiere of Tetro. Vincent called me while he was on a road trip in Texas and I was about to meet up with him but I just couldn't, I had too much work to do. And we missed each other in Cannes so ... he suggested that I come to the premiere of Tetro. It was fun. I saw Andrew Durham and Sofia Coppola. I also saw Melodie McDaniel! I hadn't seen Francis Ford Coppola for a while so it was great to be reunited with everyone. Vincent was such a lady killer... it was hard to talk to him afterwards... Then the following day I had to meet with Spike Lee at the Mondrian... then I had to meet with Tarantino to talk about this project we are doing in the Philippines. But guess what? The car broke down and I was having such a hard time with the rental. I took a picture of the car so they'd believe me because I as also supposed to meet Vincent that weekend! So Spike I'd see another time but man I had to talk to Tarantino about this project. Hmmm, so my friend Aleta and her boyfriend Russell gave me a ride. HA!!!! Uh, but for some reason Q is not opening the gate! And I am like man this dude!!!! Then I was like whatever, lets go grab something to eat, then I get a phone call and I'm like yo!!!! and Quentin is like I'm sorry I was doing an interview with GQ and I told them to tell me when it was 9pm and they fucked up! They fucked up! And all I could think of was YEAH RIGHT in my mind! After all the drama I had been through earlier in the day. I figured it was a good excuse or lie. So we turned around and I met up with my buddy. But I was checking out the news for Inglorious Basterds and I found this GQ article and he WAS NOT LYING and I was laughing so hard reading it. I thought I would share.
Quentin Tarantino's GQ article and excuse for not meeting me on time! HA!!!