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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010 !!!

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been able to write. I have been very busy lately.

What's happened since the New Year? Hmmm... I've been writing and home-bound.

A friend of mine moved back to Dallas and I saw him recently.

Funny how time flies. I was looking at the tv channel and I hardly watch tv these days and the Grammy's are coming up! WOW! A year has passed!

My birthday is coming up and its already off to a great start. I got the greatest gift from a friend of mine and it was the bestest gift on the planet! I love it so much. The last week though, I got some sort of sinus irritation... and then I went to Atlanta and partied one night and it got worse. I did see Goodie Mobb one night before I left to Atlanta and it was fun but I didn't know any of the songs except when the played UGK stuff. But they were cool and it was nice to see Ceelo and the gang thanks to my homie Lou Lipson. But Atlanta was great and it was rainy, just the perfect weather for me. I stayed at my favorite hotel and had a blast. I do love it there.

I hope that everyone is having a great time.
Happy New YEAR!