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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I wish people would stop acting like they invented the damn wheel and just eat some damn fish-sticks already!!! (& MORE TONY MPOUDJA FOR THE LADIES!)

I just watched three films in a row AFTER watching Grand Ecole again. Rebel Without a Cause, Streetcar Named Desire, and Porcile (because I am such a Pasolini fan). I am a huge Nicholas Ray fan... and Marlon Brando fan.



I have been hearing alot of things on the ground and roaming the internet while on hiatus. Mmmm. What I don't understand is people who are actresses with big paychecks who produce who really think that they are producers? Do they really think that they can actually produce? Come on honey, that is just your money you are adding from your paycheck, you aren't really producing. A producer is someone more than a paycheck! Of course there are different kinds of producers but the producer that a few of these chicks are trying to claim being aren't the kind of producers they claim to be. Peter Piper Pecked a Peck of Pickled Peppers, okay! AND some actress out there that I know!!! This really irritates me to the hilt. They say they are "writers" or that they are "collaborating" ha ha ha PUH-LEASE! Hiring someone to write a damn book or screenplay for you while you sit there and twiddle your thumbs and blab out a few ideas while the "hired" writer is licking your ass and telling you those ideas are GREAT DAH-LING... when he actually hates them and spins them into a respectable story while you take all of the credit. LAME! I don't know how you girls can sleep at night. But writing is something that takes time to develop, its a craft just like any other craft. You can't be a writer OVERNIGHT! That's just Bullocks. You guys have been listening to that damn 48 LAWS of POWER for too long! That is so 50 years ago. Just be yourself, be original as you can be... at the least be authentic... and don't take credit for something you didn't do. MERDE!
All you out there, you know who I am talking about. Its annoying when people take credit for more than they should.

I have done alot of things in my career and half the time I don't take credit because I don't care. It should be more about THE WORK instead of a TITLE! Who fucking cares anyways! It doesn't matter. Only the people in your circle, mine at least, should know what you are capable of. The people in my circle know of the things I have done and they aren't listed on or wikipedia. It seems like that is all people care about and then they make it out to be like they have done more, they feel more entitled. Its completely ridiculous.

Oh and when rock stars think they are designers. I know they are trying but someone please smell the roses. Do you seriously think that your fame and money is going to make you a legitimate designer? That makes me laugh. Than I have been keeping my eye on the news lately and it seems that Raf Simons has resurfaced out of no-where. I have known Raf since 1999 via Alix Browne during the Visionaire days. Raf Simons is a fan of Larry Clark and actually Larry Clark inspired Raf Simons to be a designer, thank you very much. So I don't get what all the hoopla is about? I mean, all these people who think that because they have money now, they can go to shows and meet these designers ... that they are now fashionably stable!
Literally. Just because you have money now doesn't mean anything. Fashion is about your individual style. Its not about buying vintage Stephen Sprouse right at this moment because Louis Vuitton dedicated a collection to him. Sometimes I don't get people at all. Sometimes I just sit and laugh at how ignorant they are. Yes, you bought something that is a Sprouse item for a few thousand but that doesn't mean that you are the end all be all of fashion, now does it? I was just having this conversation with my friend Karl Cyprien and it was apparent that a new crop of people are lost.

Speaking of Raf Simons, ever since he went to design for Jil Sander I have not been able to get ahold of him. So Raf if you are reading this, email me!

Me and my homegirl A$A in November of 2008. (Venice, CA) A$A is a perfect example of an artist.
Tiffany Limos

By the way, That Fish Sticks episode of South Park was the best episode ever! I never laughed so hard in my life. I sent that link out to everyone I knew. I know Matt Stone and Trey Parker via writer/homie Arthur Bradford. I love those guys because they are literally funny in real life as well! And they are not even trying... to say the least. I knew they would do something on Kanye West one day but man, they really hit the nail on the head. It was GENIUS! Nuff'said.

What makes me laugh even harder is that Jimi Hendrix, Kubrick, and many others do not need to prove anything to anyone or win awards to show people that they are worthy. They have changed the world and penetrated a generation and generations after that. No need for ego. I mean, Larry Clark has inspired legions of people of the last 40 years plus! Fashion, film, photography, art, music but you will never see him bitch fight in the press (unless its some asshole journalist trying to say Larry is starting a fight in the press when its actually not true) and you will never hear Larry be desperate for an award for validation of his talents. You will never hear Larry say that he is a GENIUS when he truly is one.

*** If you didn't see it, than here is the link.

Kanye West episode of South Park

PS. I decided that I would add new photos each time I blog. My friend Karl thinks I should video blog but for right now that is just too much. A new photo each time is alot but might freshen this little blog up somewhat.

FISH STICKS (motherfuckers)

Me listening to one of my favorite directors of all time GAEL MOREL! (Bisous!!!)
(March 2009)

I posted this one before but its the companion photo to the one above, I just couldn't find the one above for about a month. Salim Kechiouche and Raphael Neal.

OH! and one more thing I don't get is spoiled bratty online internet stars? I heard about some and mainly met some... and they really think they are something! And the encouragement they get from the older set doesn't make it any better. The older set is just using them to advance somehow and its quite sad how the young thinks they are actually entitled to be hell raising bitches. (Where are their damn parents?!) You know who you are.


And one for the ladies. I received a few emails asking about Tony Mpoudja when I posted a photo of him on one of my last blogs. He is a new friend a I made recently... Alot of females out there wanted to know the low-down on Tony... you gotta look him up, his info is on the internet and on He also has an album coming out soon. You ladies wanted another picture of him... so here you GO!

Tony Mpoudja