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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today's BLAST from the PAST... Tahiti 2005 ! Noa Noa !

Of course you know the famous photo where I had been crying for hours:
There were some paintings in Tahiti made from this picture (I don't know why) but I will post it as soon as I find it on my other computer.


In the same magazine and separate article. Tarita Brando.

I wanted to put this up because I have had Tarita on my mind and because Tahiti/Paris are like my second homes now in 2009. Its funny to read in this article I say that I am living between Los Angeles and Mexico City! Wow, so much has changed since then. That is not the case now at all.
I have had Tahiti and Paris on my mind everyday as well.
So I found it appropriate to blast this from the past.
Every month or so I do that, I will just reflect from my past.
(in one way or another)
Great things always happen for me in France, I don't know why?
French was the second language I learned besides English.
I even learned it before I learned Tagalog, the Philippines national language.
But to be honest I know Spanish alot better than I do Tagalog. Tagalog is spoken to me everyday and its on tv but I don't speak it as well as I do Spanish.
I guess it was because I WAS living in Mexico City and Oaxaca City in 2005!
The funny thing is that I look the same which I used to dislike but I am so grateful that I haven't aged and gotten any wrinkles like the other people I know.
But my body has filled out. Moi derrière et moi bustier ajustements plus fortement!
So I have this baby face with a woman's body. I do not have the body I had when I was 25.

I don't speak French unless I have to. But all of that will change because I am well loved in France and they have been my biggest supporters since 1999. I owe the French alot and I will update you on my progress with my work there.

I can't tell you how much I love France!
And since Tahiti is one of its colonies, I am an honorary French woman...
Tahiti aka French Polynesia!

* Look up Tahiti if you are interested. There is alot of culture there. Here is a link.

Tahiti Info!