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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tiffany Limos x FUCT x Larry Clark = $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Funny thing is, this shirt is not being sold anymore. I get an email from someone that used to work at Rocafella Records that tells me that there is my shirt on I have no clue what they are talking about. Then I see it on Ibn Jasper's site aka Ferrarimurakami. (Kanye West's righthand man) Then I start seeing it all over the place, than I start to get calls from Diamond aka Nick Tershay of Diamond Co. and various people. I don't have any so do not ask me but here you go, for all the Larry Clark fans out there... and FUCT collectors. Oh, one more thing, this photo is probably the most famous photo that Larry Clark has ever taken of me that was featured in his punk Picasso show that was well received by critics and his peers (Helmut Newton, Ralph Gibson, Nan Goldin, MoMa, Luhring Augustine Gallery, Nobuyoshi Araki, and the list goes on). (Gros Bisous!) * I have seen some selling on eBay for $300 to $500 US dollars, BONNE CHANCE!!! *I only promised one shirt to someone and it was Busy P. (désolé)

Official photo:
Tiffany Limos FUCT

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Tiffany Limos Fuct Shirt

From Ibn Jasper's Blog (F.M. Phenomenal):
Tiffany Limos Ibn Jasper